Our mission is to make great management available to all talent; experienced and emerging no matter their age or location. Our strength is in development and our reward is seeing the talent we represent attaining their goals. We work tirelessly for those we believe in, alongside our network of strategic partners worldwide, including some of the world’s most influential agents, managers, acting coaches, directors, producers and casting directors.

The saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' also applies to an artist’s career. A successful artist needs a team behind them, each with a particular skill set and each complementing the other and all working as a whole to achieve results.

Because we work globally we are able to share all work across the company so our talent are submitted for local work and have access to the very best international productions and resources in an increasingly global industry. Our village is not just a series of loose connections but a network of professionals working together for the betterment of our talent. However, every person represented by us chooses their path and our team work with them to facilitate and encourage them in their goals.

If you are looking for representation in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A or U.K please apply now.




With more than 30 years’ experience as an agent and manager, our CEO Sharon Power, is one of the most influential talent managers in the industry today. Sharon knows instinctively when someone has that indefinable "X-Factor". If they show commitment, patience and perseverance, are prepared to work hard and trust in Sharon and her team, she will work with them to ensure every career decision is the right one for them. A good manager has to be able to clearly see where the person wants to go and plan accordingly.